EUROPEAN CENTER OF BUTOH | Academy of Experimental Dance Theater
European Center of Butoh

Welcome to the 21st season at the European Centre of Butoh.
Academy of Experimental Dance Theatre.

The Academy organizes dance and theatre workshops: the seven-month Butoh School, two five-day Summer Workshops, Weekend Workshops, Take-Away Butoh, guest workshops, as well as a new line of intensives exploring Fusion of Styles.

The Fusion of Styles workshops have become part of our on going investigation and vision to open up the concept of Butoh, fusing the powerful techniques and training as well as the philosophy of Butoh with other styles of performing, from Clowning over Mask to Flamenco, Modern Dance, Voice and Classical Theatre.

This year, we are particularly proud and happy to present our new Syllabus for the Butoh School and the three "Take-Away" workshops we offer to dance/theatre schools, individual groups and universities worldwide.

At the Academy, students learn what is the universal foundation of physical movement and performance; they learn to choreograph; they learn a concept that is pertinent to all genres and styles, as well as to professional sports/athletics and visual arts like painting, photography, sculpture, architecture, film making, design, poetry and day to day life.

The goal is to empower the individual within his own field, offer possibilities to develop a broad and efficient expression, to interpret and describe the body as unavoidable and insistent in all manifestations, even behind the most refined philosophy.

Enjoy our program.

Jens Peter de la Fuente

"Our workshops and training attract dancers, athletes, and actors, as well as visual artists and others from many countries."